Given her doctorate in Organizational Leadership coupled with two decades of corporate experience, Dr. Andrews helps companies to enhance their leadership effectiveness, improve their culture, communicate more effectively, utilize talent more efficiently, and be more inclusive.

For example, she may work with you to establish your desired gender balance for key management and leadership positions, evaluate your emotional intelligence programs, and assess your needs for unconscious bias training.

Shawn can assist you with:

  • Evaluating your approach to leadership for both current and successive leaders
  • Understanding your culture and how it may impact men and women differently
  • Assessing and utilizing emotional intelligence
  • Communicating and connecting with your colleagues, business partners and clients
  • Developing and executing strategies for diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding generations, and how our youngest cohorts are changing workplace dynamics and providing new opportunities
  • Coaching senior executives for peak performance

Contact Shawn to discuss working together.