It was a pleasure to have Shawn speak at the Maternal Child Health Leadership retreat. I particularly enjoyed the Insights Discovery profile and her enthusiasm in providing the material and the workshop activities. She has a wonderful ability to explain the information in simple terms and make it applicable. The exercises in how to leverage my own strengths and better work with others was so valuable. The insight will definitely assist me in my new role as clinical supervisor as I have struggled at times in the best approach to handle difficult situations.

- Jo Ann Gold-McCarthy
RN, MSN, NE, Clinical Supervisor Pediatric ICU, Huntington Hospital

The Insights Discovery Colors training led by Dr. Andrews was the best workshop that I have ever attended! I loved the information, strategies, discussions, and group exercises. My understanding of myself, and my relationships with my colleagues, and even my husband, has already improved. Thank you for your overall enthusiasm and for making it so memorable and fun.

- Jennifer Rodriguez
MPH, Site Director Clinical Operations, Odonate Therapeutics

Shawn’s unconscious bias workshop at SHRM’s Talent Management conference was the best I attended. The content was thought-provoking and she was engaging, honest and authentic. I enjoyed the activities and great strategies to resolve biases.

- Patti Sprinkle
President, Professionals in Human Resources Association

Dr. Andrews’ bias workshop was very thought-provoking. I enjoyed the activities and strategies to resolve bias, and she was an engaging, honest and authentic speaker. I liked that she created scenarios that allowed us to interact with our HR peers. The best session I attended!

- Latasha James
Sr. HR Business Partner, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare

Shawn, the colors workshop you provided for our team and the follow-up tips were very insightful. Thanks!

- Valerie Legagneur
VP, Clinical Operations, Odonate Therapeutics

Thank you so much for colors workshop! It was awesome. I talked to our director of HR and we want to display each employee’s color energies on a large color map for everyone to see.

- Mackenzie Ferguson
HR Specialist, Tang Capital Management

Colors has been a great learning experience for us. It reminds me that not everyone thinks like me, so to communicate effectively I need to package the same message in different ways for different color energies.

- Kevin Tang
Founder and CEO, Tang Capital Management

The colors workshop was amazing. It was great to learn the ins and outs of Insights Discovery, and all the practical tips and tools. It’s amazing too how all participants bonded, and even though I work with these people every day, it felt like I gained a new family!

- Sheena Delgado
Sr. Manager, Human Resources, La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company

Me and my teammates use the color energy personalities to better understand and interact with each other—we talk about Colors a lot. It has helped our team be more cohesive and accepting of one another.

- Lisa Potter
Director of Training, Drug Development Operations, Allergan

As a result of the colors training, we don’t expect certain things from others with different color personalities because we now understand the differences. Knowing these characteristics enable us to ease up on our expectations and attempt to understand better with more patience.

- Arlene Lum
Clinical Scientist, Allergan

Shawn’s emotional intelligence workshop was phenomenal. My team had never done a training like this and it was very eye-opening. The depth of our discussions not only brought us to tears, but brought us even closer as a team.

- Ted Zaharson
Sr. Director, Key Account Manager Team, Allergan

Shawn’s emotional intelligence workshop was great! Her passion and commitment to EQ was definitely demonstrated today. I was left with so much to consider and act upon as a teammate and leader. Thank you for a workshop that allowed us to think, reflect, feel, and learn…. about ourselves and fellow team members.

- Brad Huntington
West Regional Sales Director, Allergan