Steak & Cake, The Power of Perception – Dr. Shawn Andrews (July 10, 2019)

Taylor Milliner in conversation with Dr. Shawn Andrews, author of The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide. That’s a guide to educate men, women, and organizations on the barriers that keep women from fully contributing in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence – Hire Power Radio Show & Podcast with Rick Girard (September 20, 2018)

Why should we care about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) when building a company today? People with high EQ work better with others, manage customers more effectively, and cultivate an effective company culture. Three key questions addressed are EQ, What is it? How do you get it? How do you incorporate it into your hiring?

Why We Don’t See More Women Leading (and what we can do about it) – Smart Women Talk Radio with Katana Abbott (September 11, 2018)

Listen to Katana’s interview with founder and CEO of Andrews Research International, Dr. Shawn Andrews. Shawn and Katana examine the barriers to success that limit women’s career advancement, identify emotional attributes and their power on leadership, and explore how gender differences impact perception and promotion.

The Global Leadership Gender Gap – Talent Talk Radio Show with Chris Dyer (September 7, 2018)

Dr. Shawn Andrews, the Founder and CEO of Andrews Research International, talks about the latest trends in leadership development, and offers her take on the gender divide and how unconscious bias tends to foster this divide. She also offers some solutions on how organizations can close the global leadership gender gap.

The Power of Perception – Insights from Author Shawn Andrews on Critical Mass Radio Show with Richard Franzi (April 10, 2018)

Perception is reality ­­and it’s powerful, especially when it comes to workplace barriers, the gender gap, and leadership. In Shawn Andrews’ latest book, The Power of Perception, she discusses the impacts of perception on leadership disparities and why diversity is a competitive advantage. Here are three takeaways from our time with Dr. Shawn Andrews on Critical Mass Radio Show: 1. Perception is a powerful form of reality 2. The values of millennials and women in the workforce are congruent 3. Diversity is a competitive advantage

Shawn Andrews, author of The Power of Perception – The League of Professionals with Muriel Donnelly (August 2, 2017)

Muriel Donnelly, is Host and Executive Producer of the Mood, Inc radio station. This program was broadcast on the TuneIn Platform which has 55 million listeners worldwide.

In this 30-minute live radio interview, Principal Broadcasting features “The League of Professionals” with Muriel Donnelly. This radio program focuses on current topics to elevate your career. Muriel discusses a wide range of topics with Dr. Andrews including the leadership gender gap, barriers to leadership, emotional intelligence, gender differences, and where we go from here. We also discuss her new book The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide (available March 2018).