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    Dr. Shawn Andrews is a keynote speaker and organizational consultant. She speaks and consults to a diverse range of clients, including SABMiller Brewing Company, Broadcom, Johnson and Johnson, Biogen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Edwards Life Sciences, and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. She leads workshop sessions at a variety of conferences, including the Association for Talent Development and the Society of Human Resource Management. read more...

    Dr. Shawn Andrews

    How I Help Businesses?

    I help businesses enhance their leadership effectiveness, improve their culture, communicate more effectively, utilize talent more efficiently, and be more inclusive.

    For example, I may work with you to establish your desired gender balance for key management and leadership positions, evaluate your emotional intelligence programs, assess your needs for unconscious bias training, or implement diversity and inclusion strategies.

    I do this by providing advice, education and resources (through speaking engagements, training workshops, or consulting) to create awareness, dialogue and action in the areas needed. I then provide recommendations and strategies that can be applied and implemented right away.

    See Consulting page for more information.

    How I Help Individuals?

    I help both women and men advance in their careers and be more effective leaders.

    For example, I may work with you to define your leadership style, help you understand how others may perceive you, improve your emotional intelligence, address barriers or obstacles you’ve encountered, or minimize personal biases.

    I do this by providing advice, education and resources (through assessment and coaching) to create awareness and help hone your behavior, if needed. I then provide recommendations and career advancement strategies that you can easily apply.

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